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Join or Create
a Creative Room

Help Community Members Develop Their Ideas:
Contribute to Colony Growth and Survival

Creative Rooms:
Breeding Grounds for Adventure

Creative Rooms are designated spaces within each Colony where a Master Storyteller and fellow community members breathe life into adventures that originate in the same Colony.

Whether it's through a Novel, a Graphic Novel, a Podcast, or any other creative medium, the possibilities are endless.

You can also become a Master Storyteller by proposing a concept to build a new Creative Room.

Explore the existing Creative Rooms

You have the option to join a Creative Room already established by a Master Storyteller and add your contributions to their creative project.

Alternatively, you can become a Master Storyteller and create your own Creative Room, either within an existing Colony or starting fresh in a completely new Colony.

If you participate in a Creative Room, you'll receive 50,000 2137ad Tokens.

These tokens will allow you to take part in DAO decisions and polls or exchange them for dollars or euros.

Join our Discord to chat about your ideas!

Create your own colony

Explore the Amazing Perks

Collaborating in a Creative Room isn't just about shaping Earth in the year 2137 AD and beyond; it also comes with fantastic perks.

Each Creative Room will be submitted for publishing, offering you incredible rewards.

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Member-only access

Access to members-only Creative Room to contribute to the creative direction of content together with the MasterStoryteller.

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IP Rights

33% of the rights of the Books, Graphic Novels, Podcast, Film, Tv Series etc created.

Ecosystem Restoration

10% of every purchase goes towards
buying trees to be planted by 2030,
supporting the '1 Trillion Trees' project'

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Exclusive contact with the Master StoryTeller

Get in touch with the Master StoryTeller and join them into creating this new Universe.

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2137ad Token Rewards

When you join a Creative Room you get as a reward 50,000 2137ad Tokens.

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