Okunevo, near Seattle, shuns science for pantheism. Masked residents repent human pride. Traditional King and Court face change.


Venture slightly north of present-day Seattle, and you'll discover Okunevo, a unique colony with a pantheistic and animist worldview. Rooted in the belief of natural phenomena like wind and fire, the people of Okunevo staunchly reject scientific thought, embracing instead the ancient traditions that predate the world's demise. In a symbolic act of repentance for the hubris of past humans aspiring to godhood, all Okunevo residents are required to wear masks.

The King (30) and Court

In a world where the idea of kingship has faded into history, Okunevo stands apart. The colony was founded by individuals who spurned the science and technology that ultimately led to the world's destruction. Within Okunevo, humility reigns supreme, with residents donning masks as a constant reminder of the collective pride that preceded the downfall of humanity. The inhabitants embrace the ancient animist gods and shun rational thinking.

The Colony is organized along traditional lines with a King and Court, a system that harks back to the times before technological excesses wrought havoc on the world. The King and Court of Okunevo walk a path of reverence for nature, relying on ancient beliefs and eschewing the advancements that led to the collapse of civilizations. Initially content to keep to themselves and avoid interactions with other colonies, this changes as the series unfolds.

Tag line: Remember you are just ashes
Geographical Location: North of Seattle
Main Characters: The King
Story: -
Colors: Red - Yellow
Style and Fashion: Masks on everyone
Weapons: Old style weapons
Form of Government: Kingdom
Religion: A variation from Star Wars religion with everything more humble
Values and Ideology: Against Science and Hubris
Main Thematic Conflicts: Hubris vs Humbling
House, Buildings, and HQs Style and Features: Caves and old Palaces - Noyjong Modern
Materials: Gold - Silver - Bronze
Transportation Means: Horses
Animals: Horses - Donkeys
Food - Primary Sector: Small crops cultivated without anything artificial
Music: Old Greek Music
Sports: Old Olympic Sports (Run etc)
Atmosphere: No science at all

Embark on a journey into the heart of Okunevo, where humility and ancient traditions form the bedrock of their existence. Witness the transformation that occurs as the Colony's interaction with the outside world challenges their established norms, leading to a complex and evolving narrative in the series. Explore the clash between old and new, tradition and change, in the compelling tale of Okunevo.

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