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The year 2137.
Climate Collapse has already occurred.

In a desperate attempt to survive, humanity abandons its present states and establishes colonies to endure the harsh realities of a barely habitable world.

How it all began?

In the 2020s, the Great California Fires triggered a series of events that led to the situation of the 2137 AD.

In the years that followed, the Amazon forest burned, sea levels rose, and a civil war started in the U.S., halting efforts to combat carbon dioxide.

By 2034, the U.S. had split into 3 states, sparking the first apocalypse war: the Water War.

This conflict, sparked by a dispute in Flagstaff, US, spreads globally and culminates in a nuclear war after 8 years of fighting.

Attempts to save the world

After the devastation of the Water War, a brief peace was shattered by skirmishes between smaller states.

CO2 levels rose to 750 parts per million, causing green streaks in the sky.

In 2075 AD, the Clay War broke out, forcing humanity to dig colonies in clay-rich areas.

In 2080 AD, 20-year-old Akihiro Fukumoto founded the Mars Colony, offering a glimmer of hope for survival.

The creation of Colonies

Between 2096 AD and 2118 AD, there was a period of relative peace amidst the ruins.

But the cost was high - CO2 levels reached 1,000 parts per million, turning the sky green, acidifying the oceans, and submerging major cities.

The Air War erupted in 2119 AD, leading to devastating global conflicts.

By 2130 AD, only few millions humans remained on Earth in scattered colonies.

In a desperate attempt to survive, humanity abandoned their current states and established colonies to endure the harsh realities of a world that could barely sustain human life.

Year 2137.
What's next?

Unleash your creativity in the Creative Rooms

Participate in the development of colonies and their stories.

Choose the colony that resonates with you, or create your own, and begin collaborative storytelling with other community members.

Choose a colony and unlock your very own Creative Space.

Here, you can collaborate with other community members to bring your story to life.

Already attracted to a Creative Room?

Your input is invaluable.

Add new objects, introduce compelling characters, and help the author move the story forward.

Together, we shape worlds and create stories that captivate and inspire.

Explore the Creative Spaces already open!

Join us on a journey where you and others can create the story of a surviving colony in the year 2137 AD.

Enjoy beautiful artwork, meet other community members, and see how our collective creativity makes each page special.
Want to create a story with colors and panels?
Your contributions and voice shape the story as we explore pivotal moments, challenges, and triumphs.

Build a story with voices and sounds.

Ask a friend to impersonate a character and create a narrative podcast.
Prepare for an expansive universe that goes far beyond books, graphic novels, podcasts, movies, TV series, and merchandising.

Share your ideas with us.

Join our Discord and let's imagine a journey that transcends traditional storytelling as new dimensions, interactive adventures, and groundbreaking experiences await your exploration.
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