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Year 2137.
Climate Collapse has already happened.

In a desperate bid for survival, humanity abandons present-day states, constructing Colonies to weather the harsh realities of a world that barely sustains human life.

How everything started ?

In 2025 AD, the Great Fires in California ignited a series of events leading to the genesis of the 2137 AD Cinemaric Universe.
The subsequent years saw the Amazon forest ablaze, rising sea levels, and the predicted Civil War in the USA, halting efforts to combat Carbon Dioxide. By 2034 AD, the world fractured into states, triggering the first Apocalypse War, the Water War.
The conflict, sparked by a dispute in Flagstaff, expanded globally, culminating in an atomic war after eight years of strife.

Attempts to save the world

Following the Water War's devastation in 2042 AD, a brief peace was shattered by skirmishes among smaller states. CO2 levels rose to 750 parts per million, causing green streaks in the sky.
The subsequent Clay War emerged in 2075 AD, pushing humanity to dig colonies in clay areas.
In 2080 AD, Akihiro Fukumoto established the Martian Colony at the age of 20, offering a glimmer of hope for survival.

The creation of Colonies

Between 2096 and 2118 AD, a period of relative peace prevailed amid the ruins.
However, the cost was steep – CO2 levels reached 1,000 parts per million, turning the sky green, acidifying the sea, and submerging major cities.
The Air War erupted in 2119 AD, leading to devastating global conflicts. By 2130 AD, only 500,000 humans remained in scattered colonies on Earth.

In a desperate bid for survival, humanity abandons present-day states, constructing Colonies to weather the harsh realities of a world that barely sustains human life.

Year 2137.
What's next?

Unleash your creativity in the Creative Rooms

Engage in the evolution of Colonies and their narratives. Select the platform that resonates with you and commence collaborative storytelling with fellow community members.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Novel section, where the story unfolds dynamically based on the decisions made by you.

From the talented pen of Joseph Nassise, an internationally renowned writer, emerges a unique experience that invites you to become a co-creator of the narrative.

Your choices and actions shape the path, characters, and ultimate destiny of the story.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey, where the power of participant decisions breathes life into the pages of the Novel.
Dive into the Graphic Novel section, where storytelling comes alive through captivating visuals.

Join a collaborative journey, where participants actively shape the narrative alongside talented artists.

Explore stunning artwork, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and witness the power of collective creativity in every panel.

Experience the magic of collaboration as the Graphic Novel unfolds, a visual masterpiece shaped by the fusion of participant input and artistic brilliance.
Step into the Podcast section and become an active participant in the unfolding narrative of Earth's journey to 2137 AD.

Your contributions and voice shape the story as we explore pivotal moments, challenges, and triumphs.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share your insights through voice messages, and experience the power of collective storytelling.

Let your imagination soar as we weave together a narrative that reflects the diverse perspectives and shared visions of our community.

Join us in this interactive audio adventure and leave your mark on the journey to 2137 AD.
Prepare for a revelation beyond imagination in the Coming Soon section.

Brace yourself for an expansive universe that goes far beyond Graphic Novels, Novels, and Podcasts.

Get ready to embark on a journey that transcends traditional storytelling, as new dimensions, interactive adventures, and groundbreaking experiences await your exploration.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds, promising an extraordinary and transformative experience like no other.
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