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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a cinematic universe ?

A cinematic universe is a collection of interconnected creative works (films, television series, games, comics, etc.) sharing common elements such as dramatic frameworks, basic storylines, and narrative foundations. Characters appear simultaneously in each work or interact across different mediums, forming a cohesive creative franchise.

Examples include Marvel’s cinematic universe with films like "Iron Man" and "The Avengers," and the DC Universe featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and others.

Digital projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and World of Women, which started as NFT projects, are evolving into full-fledged cinematic universes with TV series, games, and more.


What makes it “decentralised”?

A cinematic universe controlled by a DAO or a similar decentralized organization, rather than a movie studio or global financial IP owner, qualifies as a decentralized cinematic universe.


What is a DAO?

A DAO is a management structure that leverages blockchain technologies to distribute management and ownership, including entity ownership, across a system governed by smart contracts.

In a DAO, all members participate in decision-making without responding to or reporting to a central authority.


What is the 2137AD DAO?

2137AD is a decentralised cinematic universe owned and governed by an ad-hoc DAO.

Members decide how the universe is run, with their votes and decisions recorded on the blockchain and executed automatically through smart contracts.

2137AD is a platform where community members use various technologies—including Discord and crypto marketplaces—to participate in developing and expanding the universe.

They can stake native 2137AD Tokens to support existing projects, create new characters, stories, and environments, and utilize other platform features, earning ownership and financial rewards for their contributions.


What is the main purpose behind a decentralized cinematic universe?

2137AD was created to liberate creators, empowering them with the tools to expand a cinematic universe without the centralised control of traditional production authorities like movie studios.

It acknowledges IP ownership that reflects each creator's contribution to the creative process.

Decentralisation un-intermediates the relationship between creators and their fans, allowing fans to become creators of characters, landscapes, and complete colonies, relying on the community for support.

This approach enables creators to push their ideas forward without depending on the often inaccessible financial echelons of the entertainment industry.


How do I become a member of 2137AD?

Access to the platform and its creative objects occurs via 2137AD’s Discord server and other authorised means.

Registration is free.

The platform’s website provides information about community participation, the reward system in the DAO, and the active creative objects. Participation is subject to acceptance and adherence to the DAO’s rules of conduct.


How can I creatively participate in the expansion of the 2137AD universe and how will I be rewarded?

The purpose of the platform is to enable its members to creatively participate in the expansion of the 2137AD universe and be rewarded proportionately for their contributions.

The platform is a work in progress, with various interacting objects gradually being deployed.As a member, you can create characters, landscapes, interiors, and entire colonies, earning 2137AD Tokens for your creations.

Narrative objects such as books, graphic novels, films, television, and games will gradually become active environments where the 2137AD universe can flourish.

For example, when a "book" opens, you can participate in the applicable Creative Room, voting on Master Storyteller proposals.

2137AD rewards contributors through a token reward system based on individual contributions and co-ownership of the relevant IP.


To what extent is safeguarding the environment a theme affecting the expansion of the cinematic universe?

2137AD is based on the premise of a world nearly annihilated by climate disruption, where society's reconstruction hinges on environmental awareness to prevent another catastrophe.

The platform encourages projects, characters, and storylines focused on rebuilding a sustainable, safe society, with the colonies as the civilised expression of this goal.

The DAO rewards this environmental focus with dedicated airdrops.


What is the blockchain used by the DAO to manage the 2137AD universe?

2137AD has not yet decided which blockchain to use as its infrastructure. Regardless, the 2137AD DAO will leverage all existing and future technologies to support its expansion.


What will be the official language of 2137AD?

English is the official language of 2137AD.

We recognise that several browsers automatically translate webpages into local languages, but we will continue to rely on English as the primary language for information on the website and communications with users.


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