Breckenridge, a Colorado colony of 100 mathematicians, sees Jennifer's Mars mission spark love and mystery, reshaping destinies.


Nestled in the serene landscapes of what was once Colorado, Breckenridge emerges as a small and secluded colony, home to a population of 100 individuals, predominantly composed of brilliant mathematicians. This tight-knit community has intentionally chosen isolation, finding solace in the pursuit of intellectual endeavors far from the bustling world.

The Origins of Jennifer Granger

Among the residents is Jennifer Granger, a 23-year-old mathematical prodigy of American origin. Born and raised within the confines of Breckenridge, Jennifer's journey is deeply intertwined with the quiet charm of the colony. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she volunteers for an extraordinary mission to Mars, driven by her fascination with the renowned Akihiro Fukumoto.

A Pioneer's Departure

Jennifer, captivated by Fukumoto's work and charisma, decides to embark on a remarkable adventure, leaving behind the tranquil landscapes of Breckenridge for the unexplored terrain of Mars. This departure marks not only the beginning of Jennifer's personal odyssey but also sets the stage for her encounters with Akihiro, the enigmatic figure who becomes a central figure in her life.

Breckenridge's Significance in the Series

Breckenridge's influence extends beyond its peaceful isolation. It acts as the birthplace of several pivotal characters, laying the foundation for intricate plotlines that unfold later in the series. Notably, it is the hometown of The Child, adding a layer of mystery and significance to this seemingly ordinary colony.

Jennifer Granger - A Complex Character

Jennifer Granger, with her roots firmly planted in Breckenridge, brings a complex and captivating narrative to the series. Her brilliance in mathematics is only matched by the intensity of her emotions, particularly her unspoken love for Akihiro Fukumoto. Despite the significant age gap between them, Jennifer struggles to navigate her feelings while dedicating herself to the extraordinary mission on Mars.

Tag line: The secret is in Numbers
Geographical Location: Colorado
Main Characters: Jennifer Granger
Colors: White
Style and Fashion: Long White Togas for both men and women
Weapons: No weapons - Only compass and calculators
Form of Government: No delegation to other people - All decisions made in one assembly
Religion: Atheism
Values and Ideology: Mathematics is the only accepted approach to life
Main Thematic Conflicts: Abstraction vs Real Life
House, Buildings, and HQs Style and Features: Sphere housing because a sphere is the perfect geometrical form
Materials: Aluminium and wood
Transportation Means: None - Only walking is accepted
Animals: Dogs and cats
Food - Primary Sector: Hydroponic cultivation
Music: Abstract music
Sports: Gym sports

As the story unfolds, Breckenridge remains a poignant backdrop, symbolizing the quiet beginnings of characters destined for extraordinary journeys. Jennifer's departure from this haven of mathematicians sets the stage for a series of events that will shape the destiny of not just Breckenridge but the entire narrative landscape.

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