New Valhalla by Joseph Nassise

Embark on Queen Jorstad's quest in New Valhalla, a post-apocalyptic colony blending Norse traditions, survival, and divine ambitions.

New Valhalla by Joseph Nassise

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In the aftermath of the climate catastrophe, whispers of divine displeasure permeated the air, suggesting that only a return to ancient traditions could appease the angered gods.

Among the believers was Rota Jorstad, a former colonel of the Jegertroppen, an all-female special operations unit in the Norwegian armed forces. In the secrecy of her heart, Jorstad revered the ancient Norse gods – Odin, the AllFather, Thor of the Hammer, Tyr of the Sword, and above all, Freyja, the goddess of war. Convinced that only by embracing the ways of her ancestors could the gods be pacified, Jorstad gathered like-minded soldiers and civilians. Under her leadership, they claimed a long-forgotten World War Two-era German submarine base nestled in a hidden Norwegian fjord and established the colony of New Valhalla.

At the helm of New Valhalla is Queen Jorstad, flanked by her personal bodyguard, the Valkyries, comprised of former Jegertroppen soldiers. Alongside them are the Einherjar, individuals who prove their strength to join the warrior caste. United, they embark on raids along the European coast, assimilating survivors into their ranks. Queen Jorstad's vision extends beyond survival; she aspires to challenge larger and wealthier colonies rumored from the conquered, driven by the desire to establish New Valhalla as a dominant force.

In the face of adversity, New Valhalla stands as a testament to the resilience of those who seek solace in the old ways, navigating a world reshaped by catastrophe, gods, and the relentless pursuit of power. Explore the saga of Queen Jorstad and her colony as they strive to reclaim honor, tradition, and the favor of ancient deities in the post-apocalyptic landscape. The story unfolds within the rugged fjords, where echoes of war and divine intervention guide the destiny of New Valhalla.

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