A Greenlandic refuge led by Colonel Novak. In this post-3 Wars world, their creed is protection—NONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND


Discover the captivating tale of Sisimiut, a Greenlandic haven organized around the powerful concept of "protection." In the aftermath of the 3 Wars, the resilient Sisimiut people have rallied around the leadership of Colonel Albert Novak, the colony's dictator, to create a unique and seemingly contradictory system that functions seamlessly.


Colonel Albert Novak

Aged 55, Colonel Novak is a former New York pharmacist who has established himself as the formidable dictator of the Sisimiut Colony. A complex man, Novak played a crucial role in building Sisimiut and has since dedicated himself to transforming the colony into a protective machine for the most vulnerable. In a society where every family is tasked with caring for at least one "vulnerable," be it an orphan or a person with disabilities, Novak ensures that no one is abandoned to their destiny.

Elena Beltrame

Aged 37 and of Italian origin, Elena Beltrame serves as the Head of Sisimiut's Secret Service. While she admires Novak for his commitment to the vulnerable, she does not fully share his convictions or public actions. Ambitious and strategic, Elena aspires to take Novak's wife's place without jeopardizing his position in Sisimiut. Her pursuit of power knows no bounds, even if it comes at the expense of Novak himself.

Sisimiut Colony Template

  • Geographical Location: Greenland

Main Characters

    • Age: 55
    • Background: Former New York pharmacist, dictator of Sisimiut
    • Complex persona: Instrumental in building Sisimiut, transforms the colony into a protective machine, ensures care for the vulnerable.
    • Age: 37
    • Background: Italian origin, Head of Sisimiut’s Secret Service
    • Ambition: Admires Novak's commitment but pursues her own agenda, aspiring to take his wife's place without risking his position.


In Greenland, Sisimiut is organized around the profound idea of "protection." Following the devastation of the 3 Wars, the people of Sisimiut do everything in their power to save and care for every child born thereafter. At the helm of this protective society is Colonel Albert Novak, the colony's dictator, who goes above and beyond by adopting two children with disabilities.

Ready to explore the intricacies of the Sisimiut Colony? Uncover a narrative woven with themes of protection, leadership, and the complex interplay between ambition and commitment. Immerse yourself in a world where NONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND, and where the fate of the vulnerable is intertwined with the ambitions of those in power.

Sisimiut in Numbers

Colors: Violet
Style and Fashion: Black and elegant in normal life
Stiff and rigid in warriors' costume
Black and violet in warriors' costume
Weapons: High-tech weapons
Machine guns
Form of Government: Dictatorship with a focus on protecting everyone
Religion: Mixture of Christianity and Jedi-like beliefs
Identification with the leader's will (currently Novak)
Values and Ideology: Authoritarian but with a strong emphasis on protecting people
Main Thematic Conflicts: Authoritarianism versus compassion
House, Buildings, and HQs Style and Features: Greenland bubbles
Low-tech x building
Materials: Metal
Transportation Means: (Not specified)
Animals: (Not specified)
Food - Primary Sector: (Not specified)
Music: Techno
Sports: Racketball
Atmosphere: Self
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