Martian Colony

The Martian Colony, led by Akihito Fukumoto, mixes math dictatorship with high-tech innovation, relying on minds for a red future.

Martian Colony

Embark on a thrilling journey to the Martian Colony, a technological marvel crafted by the brilliant scientist Akihiro Fukumoto, with the assistance of Alvaro Contado, the in-vitro father of Sonia Contado, the series' protagonist. The Martian Colony boasts technology far surpassing that of Earth, yet it grapples with the monumental challenge of the "Terra Formation Program," an ambitious endeavor in both scale and complexity.

Despite Akihiro's advanced technology, progress on Mars remains a slow and formidable task. Initially, only a small group of scientists, led by Akihiro, establishes the Colony. Over the years, a trickle of volunteers braves the harsh Martian environment to join their ranks. Akihiro tirelessly seeks new volunteers, yet during the First Season of the Series, even Sonia, the daughter of his old friend Alvaro Contado, refuses to come to Mars as a volunteer.

Undeterred by setbacks, Akihiro changes his strategy. Faced with the enormity of the Terra Formation Program, he resorts to a controversial approach—kidnapping the brightest minds on Earth. His vision is to build a class of "intelligent slaves" who can accelerate progress and overcome the challenges of making Mars habitable.


Akihiro Fukumoto

  • Age: 77
  • Role: Grand Master of the Martian Colony

Akihiro Fukumoto, the visionary behind the Martian Colony, is a genius who, 57 years ago, invented and built the groundbreaking technology for rapid travel to Mars via laser flight. As the series unfolds, we discover that Akihiro's machinations, threats, and immense wealth are influential factors behind the inexplicable actions of many, including Henry Grigher and possibly even Novak himself. The Grand Master's intricate plans and the mysteries surrounding his character add depth to the unfolding narrative, revealing the complex web of relationships and motivations driving the events on Mars.

Tag line: The future is bright and red
Geographical Location: Mars
Main Characters: Akihito Fukumoto
Colors: Red and White
Style and Fashion: High Tech Pressure Suits
Weapons: Laser guns
Form of Government: Mathematical Dictatorship
Religion: Math mixed with Star Wars Religions
Values and Ideology: Slaves are good
Main Thematic Conflicts: Hope in the future based on the shoulder of slaves
House, Buildings, and HQs Style and Features: High Tech balloons and High Tech refuges
Materials: Plastic and Metal
Transportation Means: High Tech Golf Cars
Animals: No Live Animals - Just Avatar Animals
Food - Primary Sector: Industrial Food
Music: Country Music of several different countries on Earth - Nostalgic Music
Sports: Gym Sports

Embark on this captivating adventure as Akihiro Fukumoto leads the Martian Colony into uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of human capability and ethical dilemmas in the quest to make Mars a new frontier for humanity.

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