Let's create together the first Decentralized Cinematic Universe

Welcome to the 2137 AD Cinematic Universe! Join us in crafting the first Decentralized Cinematic Universe, where humanity, brought to its knees by climate change, must unite from the ashes to rebuild and ensure survival. Through metaverse, NFTs, books, graphic novels, and TV series, let's shape this immersive story together.

Create characters and stories

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Generate images

Generate images of your characters and submit them to our community. Watch your characters come to life.

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Take part into collaborative narratives

Work with other community members and famous writers to bring to life books, graphic novels, TV Series.

Discover the Colonies

Gain 2137AD Tokens

Participate into the creations and development of the 2137AD Universe and gain special Tokens.
Use them to take part into decisions, votations and much more.

Learn more

Look at the amazing perks

Stepping into any of our Creative Rooms unlocks a world of unique perks and experiences tailored to your creative journey.

Discover the exciting rewards that await you as you embark on this extraordinary adventure!

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Creative Rooms
Member-only access

Access to members-only Creative Room to contribute to the creative direction of content.

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IP Rights

33% of the rights of the Books, Graphic Novels, Tv Series etc created.

Ecosystem Restoration

10% of every purchase goes towards
buying trees to be planted by 2030,
supporting the '1 Trillion Trees' project'

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Exclusive contact with the StoryTeller

Get in touch with the Master StoryTeller and join them into creating this new Universe.

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Exclusive Discord

Access to the Discord Server to join your Colony

In partnership with

Begin your adventure!

2137AD takes you on epic adventures. Become characters you create, tell their stories, take part into the battle for life, and create with the community the books, graphic novels, games, tv series and much more.

Interested in joining the adventure? Start by creating your first character!

the 2137AD World

You can  to visit the Colonies that are present now.

You can also build new Characters and new Colonies.

Experience the future of entertainment

Unveil a new era of storytelling as you step into the extraordinary world of 2137AD Cinematic Universe. Witness the evolution of entertainment unfold before your eyes and experience the future like never before.

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