The Future is Yours to Shape

In the year 2137 AD, the Earth is scarred by relentless climate change.
Scattered colonies around the world struggle to survive.
You have the power to determine what happens next.

Create Characters, Images and Colonies

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Expand existing colonies

Generate characters, landscapes, and interiors within the existing colonies. Watch your creations come to life.

You will be rewarded with 3,000 $2137AD tokens for each image and 25,000 $2137AD tokens for each character!

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Create New Colonies

Step into the role of creator and imagine a new way of life, including landscapes, values, characters and more!

Unleash your imagination and invite others to help you.

Earn 500,000 $2137AD tokens and 50% of any sponsorship or advertising revenue generated within your world!

Discover the Colonies

Join or Create Creative Rooms

Each Colony has its own Creative Rooms where you can collaborate with a Master Storyteller or become one yourself.

Create stories and adventures within a colony using the medium that resonates with you, whether it's a book, movie, podcast, TV series, graphic novel, etc.

By participating, you will earn a share of the Intellectual Property (I.P.) rights proportional to your investment.

Once polished, these creations will be submitted for digital or analog publication and participants will be rewarded.

Learn more about the Creative Rooms

Let's Create the
First Decentralized Cinematic Universe

Join other visionaries to create interconnected places and stories where every voice matters and every idea enriches our cinematic tapestry.

From our collective imagination, a new era of storytelling emerges, driven by boundless innovation and collaboration.

$2137AD Tokens

Participate and be rewarded in dollars or euros as well as $2137AD Tokens:

- Create a new image (landscape or interior) for an existing colony: 3,000 $2137AD Tokens

- Create a new character for an existing colony: 25,000 $2137AD tokens

- Create a new colony: 500,000 $2137AD tokens + 50% of your colony's sponsor/advertising revenue

- Join a Creative Room: 50,000 $2137AD Tokens + a % of Intellectual Property (I.P.) of the product you co-create.

$2137AD Tokens will allow you to participate in DAO decisions/polls or exchange them for dollars/ euros.

Learn more

Discover the Amazing Perks of Creative Rooms

Collaborating in a Creative Room isn't just about shaping the Earth in 2137 AD and beyond; it also comes with fantastic perks.

Each Creative Room contribution offers incredible rewards:

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Member-only Access

Gain exclusive access to the Creative Rooms and contribute to the creative direction of the content alongside the Master Storyteller.

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Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Receive 33% of the rights to books, graphic novels, podcasts, movies, TV series and other creations.

Ecosystem Restoration

10% of every purchase supports '1 Trillion Trees' project', with the goal of planting 1 trillion trees by 2030.

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Exclusive contact with Master StoryTeller

Work directly with the Master Storyteller to create this new universe.

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$2137AD Token Rewards

Earn 50,000 $2137AD tokens by joining a Creative Room.

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Begin your adventure!

Create landscapes, interiors and characters for a colony.

Or tell stories and create books, graphic novels, podcasts, games, movies, TV series and more with the community.

Interested in joining the adventure?

the 2137AD World

You can  to visit the Colonies that are present now.

You can also build new Characters and new Colonies.

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