Deploy New
Characters &  Colonies.

Get rewarded by
2137AD Tokens

Build new Characters &  Colonies and
Get an Airdrop of
2137AD Tokens

How to create new Images Characters and Colonies?

To create anew chartacter to add to an existing colony or to create a ne colony from scratch that will be used in our of the outlets,

  1. Join Discord Server specifi Channel
  2. Upload an Image (landscape, interiors etc) or a Character Images and their story
  3. Share the story of your Colony and get them approved by the team
When you jump into our Discord,
you’ll find many people ready to welcome you and help you in any way.

Gain 2137AD Tokens

For each image, story, psot, video will grant you 2137AD Tokens. These tokens will be converted into real 2137AD DAO Governance Token on the Polygon blockchain.

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How do I join?

if you're ready to join a community that embraces collaboration, innovation, and the boundless possibilities of storytelling, hop on Discord and visit the Colonies.

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Experience the future of entertainment

Unveil a new era of storytelling as you step into the extraordinary world of 2137AD Cinematic Universe. Witness the evolution of entertainment unfold before your eyes and experience the future like never before.

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