Unveil Merindol Colony's tale led by scientist Sonia Contado. Clash of meritocracy and mysterious beliefs in the Italian Alps.


Welcome to the Merindol Colony, a sanctuary of innovation and determination nestled in the awe-inspiring Italian Alps. Led by the visionary scientist Sonia Contado, of Spanish origin, this thriving community stands as a testament to human resilience in the face of a post-apocalyptic world. Merindol is not merely a settlement; it is a beacon of hope, pushing the boundaries of science and societal norms.

Unveiling Pioneering Solutions

Sonia Contado and her team of dedicated scientists are at the forefront of groundbreaking solutions to global challenges. From ensuring food security through aquaponic caves and vertical farms to combatting climate change with state-of-the-art air purification laboratories, Merindol is a hub of innovation. The relentless pursuit of knowledge is exemplified in their primary goal: discovering the elusive Formula to reduce CO2 levels in the air, a mission undertaken with unwavering determination.

Meritocracy at its Core

"Merit is the only meaning of life" echoes through the corridors of Merindol, where a strict meritocratic ethos prevails. The colony thrives on internal and external competition, driving its inhabitants to excel in every aspect of their endeavors. However, this pursuit of excellence has led to a profound split within the community.

The Great Divide

Within the colony, a majority staunchly rejects any form of religion or belief in the intangible, valuing only what is measurable and visible. This faction is driven by the pure essence of meritocracy, dismissing anything that cannot be empirically proven.

Conversely, a minority within Merindol embraces the existence of mysterious forces beyond human control. This group acknowledges the presence of the unseen and perceives merit as coexisting with otherworldly elements. The ideological tension between the two factions creates an unstable equilibrium, where scientific passion collides with anti-scientific beliefs.

Resilience and Conflict

Merindol thrives in this delicate balance between scientific innovation and anti-scientific sentiment. The community faces not only external challenges but internal conflicts fueled by differing ideologies. As Sonia Contado and her team strive for a scientific breakthrough, skepticism and clashes arise, testing the very fabric that holds the colony together.

Merindol Colony in Numbers

Explore the diverse facets of the Merindol Colony through the following statistics:

Tag line: "Merit is the only meaning of life..."
Geographical Location: Italian Alps
Main Characters: Sonia Contado, scientists
Story: Post-apocalyptic world
Colors: Varied
Style and Fashion: Innovative and modern
Weapons: Limited, high-tech
Form of Government: Meritocracy
Religion: Varied
Values and Ideology: Merit, Innovation
Main Thematic Conflicts: Internal conflicts
House, Buildings, and HQs Style and Features: Futuristic, Functional
Materials: Advanced materials
Transportation Means: Advanced Transportation
Animals: Diverse
Food - Primary Sector: Aquaponic farming
Music: Eclectic, Futuristic
Sports: Varied
Atmosphere: Resilient and Thriving

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